Santa Maria della Vittoria - Roma

The construction of Santa Maria della Vittoria, rebuilt in the early XVIth century following Carlo Modeno's project, was financed by Scipio Borghese. It commemorates the victory of the Catholics against the Protestants in Prague in 1620. It contains the famous Ecstasy of Saint-Theresa made by Bernini between 1644 and 1652 for the Venitian cardinal Federico Cornaro. The chapel containing the statue is theatre-shaped and the Cornaros represented on the walls seem to enjoy a performance. By day, light shines on Theresa and the angel so that it seems to com from the bronze beams in the background, thus making the ecstasy even more mysterious.

To see: Giovanni Battista Soria's fa├žade (1626), Bernini's Ecstasy of Saint-Theresa, Cerrini's frescos on the vault like The Fall of Rebel Angels, The Virgin with child and Saint-Francis, the Ecstasy of Saint-Francis and Saint-Francis receiving the stigmates by Domenechino (1630).



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