Salone Margherita - Rome

In 1898, in Europe at the time of the Belle Époque, cafe-concerts and cabarets were all the rage. And thus the first cafe-concert, the Teatro Salone Margherita, opened in Rome. Very quickly, it attracted an eager crowd, who came flocking through its doors into its warm and welcoming atmosphere in order to enjoy songs, poetry readings and dance shows. Today the elegant foyer is similar in style to the Moulin Rouge in Paris and is evokes fond memories of a time gone by. The shows have been updated for a modern audience but still preserve their authenticity and are highly regarded in Rome, attracting a large aristocratic Roman audience.


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Address : Via Due Macelli 75 187 Rome Italy

Subway : Metro A: Spagna

Phone : +39 06679143

Fax : +39 066791444

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