Saint-Peter (San Pietro in Vaticano) - Roma

The basilica was built in the IVth century upon the emperor Constantine's order on the site of Nero's circus, the very place where Saint-Peter, apostle and first pope of Christianity, is buried. In the XVth century, the basilica was almost completely destroyed by a fire so the Pope decided to restore it but due to his premature death, the reconstruction works ceased. In 1506, pope Julius II carried on its reconstruction and charged Bramante to conduct the works. He brought down a substantial part of the ancient basilica. Some famous artists directed the reconstruction, namely Raphael, Michelangelo and Bernini. Achieved in 1612, the church is consecrated in 1626 by Urban VIII. San Pietro in Vaticano represents baroque's triumph, regarding marble statues, stucco and bronze and many decorations which correponds to an outstanding magnificence.

To see: Michelangelo's Pietà, Bernini's baldaquin, Saint-Peter's sepulchre in the crypt, Raphael's transfiguration, funeral monuments made by Canova and Bernini,the niches containing statues of saints, the five doors decorated with low-reliefs, the façade and the balcony on which is announced the election of the new pope, the summit's statues, namely Jesus, Saint-John the Baptist and 11 apostles out of 12, Saint-Peter square built in 1656 under Bernini's direction, the Doric colonnade topped by an architrave made by Bernini.


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Address : Piazza San Pietro, 193 Roma Italy

Phone : +39 6 48 8991

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