Saint-John of Latran - Roma

According to Giacomo da Voragino's Golden Legend, the construction of the Saint-John of Latran began in 313 after a miraculous healing of Constantine. It is only church from this era still upright within the city's walls today. As being the cathedral of Rome diocese, it is the ecclesiastical seat of the Pope where he is to fulfil his function of bishop. It is the most important church in the world since it hosts the papal throne. Charlemagne was baptized in this very church in 774. Destroyed by an earthquake and two fires, it was restored during the Middle Ages and completely reconstructed in the XVIth century. Borromini was charged to decorate the inside. Today's façade was finished in 1735 by Alessandro Galilei.

To see: the 15 baroque statues on top of the building, the bronze doors made in the first century B.C., the huge statue of Constantine (IVth century A.D.), under the altar where lay fragments of the table on which it is said that Saint-Peter celebrated the first Christian mass ever.


every day 8.30-18.00, 8.30-19.00 in summer

Address : Piazza S. Giovanni Laterano, 4 Roma Italy

Phone : +39 0669886452

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