Raphael halls - Roma

The Halls were part of the residence of Julius II, elected in 1503, and of his successors. The paintings were done by Raphael between 1508 and 1524. The Constantine Hall shows scenes of the emperor's life who made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. A tribunal used to be in the Hall of the Borgo Fire, hence the scenes representing Jesus tempted by the Devil and Jesus between Misericord and Justice. The other frescos depicts the political views of pope Leo X. The Borgo Fire commemorates the miracle performed in 847 by pope Leo IV who saved the basilica and the people from the fire by stopping the flames by a simple cross sign.

Things to see: Constantine Hall: the Vision of the Cross, Christianity's triumph,etc.; Heliodor Hall: Bolsena's mass, the Encounter of Leo I and Attila, Heliodor chased from the temple; the Hall of Borgo fire: the Coronation of Charlemagne, the Oath of Leo III, the Fire of Borgo, the Battle of Ostia.

Address : Viale Vaticano Roma Italy

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