Propylaea - Athens

The Propylaea, located on the Acropolis, are a grouping of mable columns which were, during the Antiquity, a magnificient entrance to the Acropolis. The edifice comprising three parts (the main part and two wings) was built under Mnesicles's direction. The construction of the great gate started just after the end of the Parthenon's construction. The construction was interrupted several times due to wars like the Peloponnese one for instance. Despite 5 years of construction, the edifice was never finished because the Athenians thought that the costs were far too expensive. The monument is more of Doric order than of Ionic. You can recognize the doric columns by the absence of base. The top of the doric columns seem to be more sober than the ionic columns inspired by the Roman style.



Address : Acropolis Athens Greece

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