Prague Castle - Prague

Prague Castle – the Hrad in Czech – is the most important architectural complex of the city. As is fitting, it stands on a wide spur overlooking the banks of the Vltava and its history dates back over a thousand years. A visit of the Castle is much more than a simple stroll through one of the most magnificent fortresses of Europe: it is voyage to the very heart of the Czech national identity spanning some 1,000 years. Passing through the 3 courtyards built by successive monarchs, you will travel further and further back in time. Visitors will come across some of the most famous landmarks of Prague, Saint Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane, the Old Palace - also known as the Royal Palace - and Saint George’s Basilica. The castle is undoubtedly an essential destination.


Everyday: 9am-5pm (April-October), Everyday: 9am-4pm (November-March)


350 Czk (12 euros)

Address : Prazský hrad 11908 Prague Czech Republic

Subway : Station Hradčanská: metro A

Phone : +420 224371111

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