Porticus Octaviae - Rome

The Porticus Octaviae was a colonnade in ancient Rome containing temples, a library and walls adorned with works of art. Built sometime after 27 BC by the Emperor Augustus in the name of his sister, Octavia Minor, the Porticus Octaviae served as part of the triumphal procession route taken by the emperor in arms and the army to celebrate victories. It was destroyed by fire and reconstructed twice in 80 and 203 respectively. Today ruins of it remain and it is possible to view a few surviving decorations on the walls of surrounding houses.


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Open access

Address : Via del Portico di Ottavia 186 Rome Italy

Subway : Metro B : Colosseo

Bus : Bus : C3, H, 30, 44, 63, 81, 95, 130, 160, 170, 271, 628, 630, 715, 716, 780, 781. Tram 8 : Argentina, Arenula

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