Porta san Sebastiano - Rome

Porta San Sebastiano opens onto the most famous of the old Roman roads, the Via Appia Antiqua which headed out of Rome in the direction of Naples. This is probably the best preserved gate in the Aurelian Wall. This 18 kilometres long Wall was built in the 270s. The gate is now home to the Museum of the Aurelian Wall which traces the history of the structure built by Aurelian to improve Rome's defences against Barbarian threat. Drawings and scale models are on display and the Museum also gives access to a 440 yard stretch of the Wall itself. The gate was formed from an ancient arch which supported the Aqua Antoniniana Aqueduct.


Daily from 8 am - 6 pm.


Free entry

Address : Via di Porta San Sebastiano 179 Rome Italy

Subway : Station: Circo Massimo: Ligne B - Station: Re di Roma: Ligne A

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