Port-Royal des Champs abbey - Magny-les-Hameaux

Built between 1204 and 1230, Notre-Dame de Porrois named later «Notre-Dame de Port-Royal», is a feminine abbey. In the XVIIth century, one of the nuns, Mother Angélique, following Jansénius's precepts, brought a spiritual golden age to the community but also disputes between jansenists and the Paris jesuits institutions. Thus, we can make the difference between Port-Royal des Champs and Port-Royal of Paris. The « small schools » were founded and then criticized. Blaise Pascal was on their side but in 1710, Louis XIV commanded the expulsion of the nuns and the destruction of the convent. Little escaped the King's destructive wrath. Only remain the foundations of the XIIIth century church, on which was built in the XIXth century a small neogothic chapel, and a dovecote. The ancient tithe barn hosts today the Musée National des Granges de Port-Royal (Port-Royal national barn museum).

The estate is composed of the barns and the lands on one side and on the other side the "small schools", a mansion built at the end of the XIXth centuryand a park.


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Address : Le Mus Magny-les-Hameaux France

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