Piazza Navona - Roma

The Piazza Navona is one of the most famous and beautiful squares in Rome. Built in 85 A.D. under Emperor Domitian's reign, it was originally a 275 metre long and 106 metre large stadium that could hosts up to 30,000 people where naval battles took place after the intentional flooding of the site. Its monumental style was caused by Innocent X, thus celebrating the greatness and richness of his family. You can admire the fa├žade of Sant'agnese in Agone church which is said to be at the very place where was martyred the young Christian Agnes. As a baroque symbol, it hosts a market which is very important during the Befana's feast. During summer, the square is crowded with portrait painters.

To see: the 17 metre high obelisk coming from the circus of Maxence on the Via Appia, the fountain made by Bernini in 1651 representing statues of the Danube, Nile, Ganges and Rio della Plata (one for each continent, the church of Sant'agnese in Agone, the Pamphili palace, Bernini's Fountain of the Moor, Fountain of Neptune by Giacomo della Porta.



Address : Piazza Navona Roma Italy

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