Piazza di Spagna - Roma

The Piazza di Spagna or Square of Spain is famous for its numerous stairs (135) covered with flowers during Spring and Summer. It was conceived by the architects Francesco De Sanctis and Alessandro Specchi in 1723. It was inaugurated for the 1725 jubilee by pope Benedict XIII. The stairs were to link the Spanish embassy to the church of the Trinity of the Mounts (located in a French influenced zone) to celebrate the peace between the French and Spanish crowns.

To see: the church of the Trinity of the mounts, the fountain of Barcaccia by Bernini bearing the arms (bees and sun) of Urban VIII, the orange coloured façades of the buildings surrounding the square; To do: visit the Keats-Shelley memorial, go through the Via dei Condotti for shopping).



Address : Piazza di Spagna Roma Italy

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