Parc de Versailles - Paris

A real little showcase of greenery, designed at the same time as the Château by the Sun King. Louis XIV himself compiled a tour guide of the gardens. It was André Le Nôtre who designed the layout of the gardens which were intended to symbolise the mastery of nature.
In order to create private areas for his festivities, the King had sheltered spots built which were called "bosquets." Often inspired by mythology, the bosquets enabled one to rest and refresh oneself. There is a series of fountains, aquatic arrangements and statues.
Further on, the Trianon domain was a place of rest for the sovereigns. Le Petit Trianon is a reminder of Marie-Antoinette.
Finally, in the Grand Parc, there are large clear areas for walking.

Things to see:
The Bosquets and fountains
The gardens by Le Nôtre and the numerous sculptures
Le Trianon
The Queen's hamlet

Things to do:
Go to one of the "Grandes Eaux" shows which enables people to walk around to music in all the bosquets, at certain times of the year
Take a boat trip

The Château de Versailles

Address : Paris France

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