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The Pantheon of Rome was built by Agrippa, one of Augustus's generals, in 25 B.C.. The original building was oriented towards south, rectangular and contained the statues of Augustus and Agrippa. The general wanted the site to be a dynastic place of worship dedicated to the patrons of the Giulia family, Venus and Mars. Destroyed twice, it was built again during Hadrian's reign by Apollodorus of Damas and this time was oriented towards north. It was probably inaugurated between 123 and 125 A.D.. Its circular architecture topped by a dome followed the plans of thermae, unusual fact for a temple at the time. In the Middle-Ages, the cult passed from pagan to Christian because the emperor Phocas gave it to pope Boniface IV who changed it into a church dedicated to Mary and the martyrs. Hence the religious activity has never stopped since its building. By the way, it has been marvellously preserved until today.

To see: the bronze letter inscription of Agrippa on the fa├žade, the bronze low-relief of the tympanum representing gods at war against giants, the coffered dome, the coloured marble paved floor, the fresco of the Annunciation made by Melozzo da Forli in the first chapel on the right, the tombs of Raphael, Annibale Carracci, Baldassare Peruzzi and king Vittorio Emanuele II.


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