Palazzo Montecitorio - Rome

The Palazzo Montecitorio was originally designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini for the nephew of Pope Gregory XV, the young Cardinal Ludovisi. However, following the death of the pope, work stopped and did not recommence until 70 years later during the papacy of Pope Innocent XII, where it was completed by the architect Carlo Fontana who added a bell gable above the main entrance. After Rome was selected to be the capital of the newly unified Italy in 1870, the Palazzo Montecitorio was chosen as the seat of the Chamber of Deputies. However, many felt that it was not architecturally suited to its new role and so its interior was completely rebuilt in an Art nouveau style by architect Ernesto Basile. He added what is known as the Transatlantico, the long and impressive salon which surrounds the debating chamber and now acts as the informal centre of Italian politics.


Reservation if visiting as a group required.


Open access

Address : Piazza di Montecitorio, 33 186 Rome Italy

Subway : Metro A : Barberini, Spagna

Bus : Bus : C3, 62, 63, 81, 85, 95, 116, 116T, 117, 119, 160, 175, 492, 628, 630, 850. Tram 8 : Argentina

Phone : +39 0667604565

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