Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme - Rome

Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme as its name indicates, is just next to the Diocletian Baths. This former 19th century Jesuit college is home to ancient works of art and in particular, sculpture, paintings and mosaics. The sculpture covers the six centuries from the 1st century BC to the end of the Empire in the 5th century AD. A number of Greek originals are also on display. Amongst numerous funerary low reliefs and terracotta artefacts there are a number of very interesting pieces including a very large painted Minerva, Augustus portrayed as Pontifex Maximus, his wife Livia, a Niobid, a crouching Aphrodite and an Apollo from the Tiber. Frescos from the Villa Livia, the residence of Augustus' wife in the north of Rome as well as other examples from another Roman villa of the Augustan period discovered in the 19th century in the gardens of the Villa Farnesina, both provide a magnificent testimony to Roman painting at the height of the Empire.


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Address : Largo di villa Peretti, 1 185 Rome Italy

Subway : Station: Repubblica: train A, Station: termini: trains A et B.

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