Otel - Florence

If you’re a fan of live music bars, but partial to a bit of clubbing as well, then head to Otel. In this east Florence ‘Ristotheatre’, you can tuck into a buffet dinner whilst watching a show, before hitting the dance floor. Alternatively, why not enjoy a delicious cocktail in the ‘Silver’ lounge bar? With its varied programme of performances that includes acrobatics, concerts and ballets, you are sure to find something to please everyone at Otel. An exciting evening awaits!

Address : Viale Generale Dalla Chiesa, 9 50138 Florence Italy

Bus : Line 360 bus stop ""Via Generale Dalla Chiesa""

Phone : +39 55 650 791

Fax : +39 55 650 7924

Web : http://www.otelvariete.com/

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