Olympieion - Athens

The Temple of Olympian Zeus, also called Olympeion, is one of the most ancient sanctuaries in Athens. According to a legend, it would have been built on the site where flowed the last waters of the great Deluge. The huge temple with its 2 metre diameter columns is dedicated to Zeus. Unfortunately, only around fifteen out of more than a hundred 17 metre high columns remain from the antique sanctuary. The layout is perfect. The construction started in 515 B.C. but only finished in 125 A.D. during emperor Hadrian's reign. The temple is 108 metre long and 40 metre large. It was during one of Hadrian's visits that the emperor decided to consecrate the temple and the huge gold and ivory statue of Zeus Olympios. Around 200 A.D., the temple's beauty began to fade. You can see now how the temple suffered the assaults of time and erosion.


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Address : En bas d'Amalias, Athens Greece

Phone : + 30 010 92 26 330

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