Monti - Rome

Monti is one of the twelve Rioni of Rome and owes its name to the fact it was once home to the Esquiline and the Viminal Hills, and parts of the Quirinal and the Caelian Hills. Once named the Suburra (meaning suburbs in Latin), in ancient times this neighbourhood was in disrepute, overcrowded with plebs and notorious brothels. Today however, Monti is the location of many of Rome’s famous archaeological sites, including the Colosseum. Its cobblestone streets provide a pretty setting in which to go shopping in the many boutiques and studios which are to be found there. Here you can find many original and handmade products including vintage clothing, quality handmade jewellery and rare fabrics.

Address : Monti 184 Rome Italy

Subway : Métro: Cavour ou Colosseo

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