Montemartini plant - Roma

The Montemartini plant was the first electric power plant in Rome. It was built in the early-XXth century. Today, it is an important museum displaying old industrial machines and ancient sculptures coming from the Capitol's museum (transferred there because of restoration works). Sometimes, there are temporary exhibitions. The archives can be consulted on request.

To see: sculptures and mosaics representing animals and plants, statues of Roman generals and military trophies (IVth century B.C.), Augustus era low reliefs, a statue of Dionysos, busts of Agrippina, Cleopatra, a reproduction of the Temple of Appolo Sosiano's pediment, ancient machines from the power plant such as centrifuges, compressors, condensers, engines, steam turbiens, etc.


From tuesday - sunday, 9.00-18.00
24 and 31 december, 9.00-13.00
Closed on Monday



Address : Via Ostiense, 106 Roma Italy

Phone : '+39 06 82059127

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