Molocinque - Venice

Molocinque is the rendezvous point for party animals from Mestre and its surrounding areas. Here you’ll find three types of night aimed at three different types of people. Friday is Makkarone celebrating Italian cuisine and music that makes everyone dance. Makkarone is characterized by reckless spending, elegance and the desire of those assembled to have a good time without sweating the small stuff. Posh is what the bar becomes on Saturday, a name given by the group djPlaystaff who intimate their evenings. Sunday sees the experimental music group Arsenal Ultraspritz take the stage.


Restaurant Open from midday until 15:00 Monday to Friday. Restaurant and Dance Floor are Open from 21:00 until 04:00 at the weekend end.

Address : Via dell'Elettricità 30175 Venice Italy

Bus : Bus: Venezia-Dese 84 , Venezia-Altinia 19 , Brendole-Foscari 22 , Cimitero Marghera-Villaggio Laguna 81 , Asseggiano-Villaggio Laguna 10 , Venezia-Vallenari 12, Venezia-Cavergnago 12/

Phone : +39 041 928538

Fax : +39 041 5386740

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