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The National Modern Art Gallery in Rome the goal of which is to gather contemporaneous Italian works was craeted in 1883. After having occupied during thirty years the Exhibition Palace, its current headquarters is at the Fine Arts Palace, made by Cesare Bazzani for the World Fair that took place in Rome in 1911. Between 1950 and 1960, the gallery bought outstanding works and showed great exhibitions. Enlarged in 1934, the building was restored in 1999. The collection contains artistic works made between the XIXth and XXth century.

To see: many artistic movements are represented such as neoclassicism (Canova, Hayez), Romantism, Impressionism (Monet, Degas), Post-impressionism (Van Gogh, Cézanne), divisionnism (Segantini), Futurism (Boccioni, Carra), Novecento (Casorati, Sironi) but also Rodin, Klimt, Morandi, Modigliani, Chirico, Fontana, Burri, Giacometti, Fautrier, Pollock...


tuesday sunday, 8.30-19.00
Closed on Monday



Address : Via delle Belle Arti, 131 Roma Italy

Phone : +39 0632298221

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