Meudon Observatory - Meudon

The vast site of Meudon, is an ancient royal estate refurbished under Louis XIV's reign by Le Nôtre. The « Château Neuf » (New Castle) was built in the XVIIIème siècle and was conceived by Mansart for the Great Dauphin.

At Jules Janssen's initiative, the site was transformed into an observatory in 1875. It possesses many telescopes and tools for the observation and the making of photographs of the Sun like the Great Telescope, classified as a Historical Monument in 1972.

A visit guided by astronomers takes place once a month. If you have the opportunity to visit it, you will see a 1 metre large telescope under a dome, a 60 centimetre telescope and a big siderostat which shows the Sun's image.

Nonetheless, the observatory is also opened on some special occasions such as the journées Européennes du Patrimoine (annual cultural events during which state properties are opened to the public), Fête de la Science (Science's day) and when special astronomical events like an eclipse, occur. To visit the site, you must apply on the observatory's website.


3rd saturday of the month at 14h30 + exceptional visits



Address : 5, Place Jules Janssen Meudon France

Phone : 01 45 07 74 73

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