Latte più - Rome

Inspired by the Korova Milk Bar in Anthony Burgess’s dystopian novel A Clockwork Orange, at Latte Più, you can their famous milkshakes, complete with a shot of absinthe. The décor is white and minimalist, with dark purple, neon signs on the walls and Classicalal music (especially Beethoven) playing in the background. Even the furniture is slightly wacky with tables and chairs in the forms of busts, coated with a layer of fluorescent goo sealed with plastic. This something different, delicately alternative bar may make you feel like you are currently starring in a Kubrick film but rest assured that in the Roman version the people are good natured and are simply out to have a good time.


Open Tuesday - Saturday from 9 pm - 3 am

Address : Via appia nuova, 707 179 Rome Italy

Subway : Metro A: Arco di Travertino

Phone : +39 0678393167

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