La Maison - Rome

La Maison is the club of choice for many of Rome’s finest who wish to dance all night, in a luxurious and stylish setting of dark red walls, decorated with ornate mirrors and lavish chandeliers. The music played is lounge and RnB and there are large, comfy sofas for you to relax on. In a room adjacent to the dance floor, you can find a sushi restaurant, decorated with an oriental style in mind and furnished with Moroccan style seating. So put on your glad rags and come to La Maison. The crowd may be a bit snooty, the bouncers obnoxious but once you do (and if you do) get in, then this is surely one of the most elegant and sophisticated clubs in Rome.


Open Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 11 pm - 4 am and on Friday and Saturday from midnight - 5 am


15,00 €

Address : Vicolo de’ Granari 30 - Piazza Navona 186 Rome Italy

Subway : Gare: S. Pietro ou Metro A: Barberini

Phone : +39 066833312

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