La Madeleine castle - Chevreuse

Towering above the Chevreuse and with its superb view on the Yvette valley, the Madeleine stronghold was built by Gui I, Chevreuse's lord, in the XIth century to protect the village from raids.

From the XIIth century to the XIVth century, the outer walls, the machicolations, the moats and the drawbridge were built.

In 1356, Ingerger the Great was obliged to hand down the estate to Pierre de Chevreuse. The fortification works were carried on during the XIIIth and the XIVth century and were achieved under Louis XI's reign. The dramaturgist Jean Racine conducted around 1661 the last refurbishment of the keep and gave his name to the path leading to the abbey of Port-Royal-des-Champs.

Today, we can admire remaining vestiges such as the main gate with its two towers, a XVth century well, the keep and the remparts with square towers and machicolations.

Built in the XXth century, the Maison du Park régional de la Haute vallée de Chevreuse (the high Chevreuse valley's national park house) was placed in the middle of the estate. The site's history is displayed in the house.


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