Hemingway Bar - Dubrovnik

You will find the unmissable Hemingway Bar within the old city walls, just across from the Rector’s Palace. It is certainly Dubrovnik’s most typical ‘lounge’ style bar. Settle down in a big chair on the terrace, or choose a spot inside and soak up the plush atmosphere. Celebrities and mere mortals alike gather here to bask in the ""look at me"" vibe. But whether you want to see, be seen or just appreciate the setting, you won't want to miss the Hemingway Bar’s speciality- a menu with more than 30 pages of cocktails, at affordable prices!


Open daily, 8pm-3am

Address : Pred Dvorom 20000 Dubrovnik Croatia

Bus : Old Town

Web : http://www.hemingwaybar.cz

Email : info@hemingwaybar.cz

Map :

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