Galleria Nazionale de Arte Antica and Corsini Palace - Roma

After the election of Pope Clement XII, the Corsini family had to move from Florence to Rome. In 1735, the family made the Riario palace its residence where the Queen of Sweden Christina had lived during the previous century. The architect Ferdinando Fuga refurbished the palace to show to advantage the imposing double-banistered staircase and restored the façade. The family's collection comprising XIVth to XVIIIth century, was broken up when the palace was sold to the State of Italy in 1883. Only recently was it possible to gather again the collection in its original place. Among famous residents, Michelangelo, Erasmus and Joseph Bonaparte lived in the palace.

To see: The Last Judgment by Beato Angelico, The Adoration of Sherpherds by Jabopo Bassano, Saint John the Baptist by Caravaggio and many works by Van Dyck, Murillo, Guido Reni, Rubens, Poussin, the palace's park which is Rome's Botanical Garden, the façade on via della Lungara along with the balcony and windows bearing the arms of the Corsini family.


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Address : Via della Lungara, 10 Roma Italy

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