Galleria Nazionale de Arte Antica and Barberini Palace - Roma

In 1623, the pope Urban VIII ordered the construction of a somptuous residence by his favourite architect Carlo Maderno. Since the architect died in 1629, Bernini and Borromini carried on the work. In this luxuriuous palace, you can observe amid the magnificiently decorated halls a trompe-l'oeil ceiling made by Cortone and a marvellous oval staircase. The gallery displays paintings from the XIIth to the XVIIth century.

To see: Judith and Holophernes by Caravaggio, the Virgin with Child by Filippo Lippi in 1437, Fornarina by Raphael, paintings by Tintoretto, Greco, Bronzino, Poussin, Hans Holbein, Quentin Metsys.


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Address : Via delle quattro fontane, 13 (Piazza Barberini) Roma Italy

Phone : +39 0632810

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