First Courtyard of Prague Castle - Prague

Of the three courtyards within the Castle, this is the most recent. The large medieval moat was filled in to create this courtyard and its surrounding 18th century buildings were constructed under the Hapsburgs by the Viennese architect, Nicolas Pacassi. His style is fairly restrained, even rather dour. The most interesting features here are the main entrance and the central doorway at the far end of the courtyard with its three entrances. The Hapsburg presence is in evidence all over the entranceway in the form of the imperial eagle, the initials MT and J, for Maria Theresa and Joseph Hapsburg, on the wrought iron railings and of course the delightful sculpted groupings were Heracles is once again a reference to the Hapsburg emperor. At the far end the central doorway crowned with the Hapsburg crest once again refers to their dynasty. However in 1919, the first Czech president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk could not bear to walk under this symbol and built two passages on either side of the imperial entrance.


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