Erechtheion - Athens

The Erechtheum, also located on the Acropolis is the temple on the way to the Parthenon. The temple named after the name of one of the legendary founders of Athens was built between 420 and 406 B.C. under the architect Philoclese. The tomb temple comprising several sanctuaries was originally named the temple of Athena Polias. For the ancient Greeks, it was the most sacred place of the Acropolis. The temple dedicated to Athena Polias, Athens's protectress, and Poseidon, sea god, is famous for its woman-shaped columns holding the portico that protects the tomb of Cecrops, the mythic founder of Athens. However, the originals which are now in the museum of the Acropolis were replaced by mouldings in 1979 because of pollution.

Things to see: the caryatids, the vestibule, the porticco.


8.00-19.00 every day Summer
8.30-17.00 every day september june


Pass pour l'ensemble du site de l'Acropole : 6,00

Address : L'Acropole Athens Greece

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