Ecouen castle - Ecouen

Ecouen, vitrine des Renaissances française et italienne

Anne de Montmorency's constable who inherited of the green site of Ecouen charged the French Jean Bullant with the construction of a new chateau. He dedicated his wealth to its decoration and the collection of Renaissance works of art. After having succeeded to several families through many disputes, it is finally the Duke of Aumale, last heir to the Condés, who "stripped" the estate from some important objects or buildings such as the stained glass windows and the chapel that he moved to his estate of Chantilly. He then handed it down to the Chancellerie de la Légion d’Honneur.The latter decided in 1962 to pass on to the Ministery of Foreign Affairs in order to make of it the Renaissance national museum.

The château d’Ecouen is a perfect example of the Renaissance style construction and decoration. It innovates with its square angled pavilions and the monumental style porticco of the Southern wing. Equipped with uniques fireplaces and mantelpieces painted with scenes of the Ancient Testament such as the Hunt of Esau and Jacob looking after Laban's flock except the Tribute to Caesar, the inside presens Italian influences varying from Primatice to Rosso and Niccollo dell' Abate. You can also admire panellings from the Chateau de Gaillon, a Cavaillé-Coll positive organ in the chapel, David and Bathsheba's tapestry, rare painted leather and a collection of thrown and defense weapons.


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