Domus Aurea - Roma

The Domus Aurea was built by Nero in 64 A.D. after the fire that destroyed Rome in order to replace his residence. It was bigger and more luxurious, decorated with gold and gems, fact which gave its name meaning the Golden House. The vast land comprised also vineyards, groves and an artificial lake on which was later built the famous Coliseum. At Nero's death, the successors destroyed the place to build Titus and Trajan's thermae. It was rediscovered during the Renaissance era and inspired artists such as Raphael, Pinturicchio and Ghirlandaio. It is currently closed for restoration.

To see: the halls decorated with mosaics, marble, drawings, polychromatic stuccos depicting the Trojan War, gildings, pompei style frescos.

Address : Via della Domus Aurea Roma Italy

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