Clivo di Rocca Savella - Rome

Clivo di Rocca Savella links Saint Sabina with Saint Maria in Cosmedin. It acquired its name as ‘clivo’ means ‘slope’ referring to the hill it descends and ‘Rocca Savella’ was the name of the family fortress of the Savelli family, found at the top of the street. Today, this pedestrian walkway is only open during the day to prevent cars parking there at night. With its rich vegetation, it gives the impression of being in the countryside and, furthermore, it offers fine views over the city.


Open access

Address : Clivo di Rocca Savella 153 Rome Italy

Subway : Metro B : Circo Massimo

Bus : Bus : C3, 23, 30, 44, 95, 130, 170, 280, 716, 781

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