Chapel of Saint-Jean-Décollé - Rome

The Chapel of Saint Jean Décollé is linked to the Belgian brotherhood of the same name whose mission it is to accompany prisoners, even those condemned to death by decapitation. The church is only open one day a year at the end of June. It was built in the mid 16th century and is decorated with scenes of the life of Saint John the Baptist with particular emphasis on his decapitation. The stuccowork and paintings are very harmonious with the chapel. It is covered in frescos which are highly representative of the Roman Mannerist style of the 16th century. Just nearby is the ""Camera Storica"" or historic chamber of the brotherhood. Numerous decapitated heads decorate both its interior and white façade, emphasising once again the fate of Saint John the Baptist and those sentenced to death rather than concentrating on the vanities of life on earth.

Address : Via San Giovanni Decollato, 22 186 Rome Italy

Subway : Station: Colosseo - Station: Circo Massimo: Ligne B

Phone : +39 6789448

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