Caracalla Baths - Rome

As their name indicates these Baths were built by the Emperor Caracalla in the early 3rd century AD. They extended over 25 acres and could accommodate 1,600 people. In addition to the Public Baths which opened alternately for men and women, there were also libraries, sporting areas, shops and gardens. The whole structure was richly decorated but most of the statues were removed by the Farnese family when rediscovered after the Renaissance. The two large fountains on the Piazza Farnese are indeed ancient basins from the Caracalla Baths. The fact that these baths have been well preserved makes them a pleasant place to visit.


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Address : Viale Baccelli Guido, 4, 52 Viale Terme di Caracalla 153 Rome Italy

Subway : Station: Circo Massimo-Station: Piramide: train B.

Phone : +39 65758626

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