Campo Marzio - Rome

The Campo Marzio district is a vast plain situated between the River Tiber and the Quirinal Hill. Once dedicated to the God Mars, in Ancient Times this was where magnificent ceremonies, games and military exercises took place. Nowadays, this district is home to a wide variety of sites and monuments, including the most characteristic and well known of the Roman landscape: sumptuous Baroque churches such as the Church of il Gesù or that of Saint Ignatius, major monuments of antiquity such as the highly celebrated Pantheon once an ancient temple now a church, or again, spectacular squares such as the Piazza Sant Ignacio, a real jewel of Rococo art

Address : District of Campo Marzio Rome Italy

Subway : Argentina : Tram 8. Arenula : Tram 8. Colosseo : Métro B

Bus : C3, H, 30, 40, 46, 62, 63, 64, 70, 87, 119, 130, 186, 190, 271, 492, 571, 630, 780, 810, 916.

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