Bonaparte (rue) - Paris

Like many of the roads in this district, la Rue Bonaparte (Bonaparte Road) has become home to fashion shops. Laid down in the 16th Century, the road accommodated some very fine distinctive mansions of which some traces still remain today: for example, at numbers 19, 20 and 21. Number 7 is the former mansion of the Marquis of Persan; and at number 5 is the former hôtel Bessan in which the painter Manet was born. Derain lived in the attic room at number 13. Finally, at number 14, you will find the l'école des Beaux Arts (School of Fine Arts). It was constructed on the old convent of the Petits Augustins, which itself was built by Queen Margot in 1608.

Things to see:
The façades of the historic mansions
The road's many boutiques
The Ecole des Beaux-Arts (School of Fine Arts)

Things to do:
Try the cakes and pastries at Pierre Hermé

The Church of Saint-Sulpice
The Church and Square Saint-Germain des Prés
The bustling Rue des Canettes
The shopping area in the Rue de Rennes



Address : rue Bonaparte Paris France

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