BK Bar - Sesto_Fiorentino

If you’re in the mood for spending a few relaxing hours in a chilled-out environment, head to the BK Bar. Why not order one of the fresh, delicious cocktails to sip whilst playing cards or pinball, or watching 1970s music videos. A karaoke night takes place here once a week, where it doesn’t matter if you can’t sing/ won’t sing: the emphasis at the BK Bar rests firmly on fun.


Open Monday- Thursday, 9.30pm- 2am/ Fridays and Saturdays, 9.30am- 3am / Sundays, 8pm- 2am

Address : Via Alfieri, 95 50019 Sesto_Fiorentino Italy

Bus : Lines 2, 86 bus stop ""Pratese 04""

Phone : +39 33 813 41964

Web : http://www.bkbar.com/

Email : info@bkbar.com

Map :

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