Benaki museum - Athens

The Benaki museum was founded in 1930 by Antonis Benakis, a member of an very important Grrek family from Alexandria. It is located in a mansion that formerly belonged to him. The Benaki family brought to Greece outstanding collections. Antonis Benaki started the collection when he was in Egypt. When he move. All the collections were then placed in his father's mansion, a somptuous neoclassical edifice which is the symbol of the family's renown, that became the first private museum in Greece. The influence over people was immediate and donations and subsidies were many. The rareness and exceptional character of the collections fascinates connoisseurs and public as well. Due to all the constant financing, the museum managed to acquire more and more fine art pieces. The main building reopened to the public in 2000. It relates the historical and cultural development of Hellenism. The objects displayed covers a large time period, from the Neolithic era to the XXth century.

Things to see: bronze weapons, jewels, earthenware, rare helmets, laurel crowns and belts, fabrics, ivory combs, funeral paintings, sculpted furniture, icons, a marble mosaic fountain, ceramics and much more.


9.00-17.00 monday, wednesday, friday
9.00-midnight thursday
9.00-15.00 sunday
closed on tuesday



Address : 1, Koumbari Athens Greece

Phone : + 30 010 367 10 00

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