Athens archeology national museum - Athens

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens's construction started in 1860 under Ludwig Lange's direction and finished in 1889 under Ernst Ziller's. The museum contains the most beautiful collection of Greek antiques in the world, even though many pieces were plundered by Western Europeans and are in foreign museums. There ceramics, sculpture and earthenware collections. The pieces contained in the museum are outstandingdly unique. Amid all the masks, bronze works, marble statues and many kinds of Greek antiques, the visitor is brought back into Antiquity to witness Greek civilization Golden Age.

Things to see: the famous mask of Agamemnon, the bronze horse of the temple of Artemis, the superb kouroi, statues of naked adolescents, funeral amphorae, a bronze statue of Pöseidon, Santorini frescos, marbles.


High season : 8.00-19.00 From tuesday - friday, monday 12.30-19.00
Low season : 8.00-17.30 From tuesday - friday, monday 12.30-17.00
saturday, sunday and bank holidays : 8.30-15.00



Address : 44, odos Patission Athens Greece

Phone : + 30 010 82 17 717

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