Athena Nike temple - Athens

The temple of Athena Nike located on the Acropolis was built during the second-half of the Vth century. It was built on the edge of the Acropolis and was the only place from where the sea could be seen. According to the legend, it was the place where Aegeus waited for the return of his son Theseus's ship. The hero victorious of the monster called the Minotaur had promised to return with white sails on if he was victorious but forgot and came back with black sails, the sign of his death. That's why Aegeus, stricken by grief, jumped into the sea that has been bearing his name since then. In the Vth century was built a small temple dedicated to Athena Nike that means Athena Victory. It was a small house containing 2 altars. The temple and the statue of Athena were destroyed by the Persians in 480 B.C. Later, the Athenians built a new temple for the goddess on the ancient one. The construction lasted 24 years due to some difficulties. The temple made of Pentelic marble had an Ionic style. At the time, there was a wooden statue representing Athena bearing a pomegranate, symbol of fertility, in her right hand and a helmet in her left hand. The edifice was successfully preserved until the XVIIth century when the building suffered many attancks. It was demolished then rebuilt. It was even dismantled three times for refurbishments. The Greek government promised that the temple shall be completely restored in 2007.

Things to see: the friezes covered the walls' upper part, the columns, the monolithic pillars.


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