Area Venezia - Venice

Area Venice represents, for its creator Joe T Venelli, the site of an “eternal love” of horse music. This old DJ wanted to make this nightclub a temple to electronic music. Everything has been arranged to facilitate dancing but also to listen to the music in a superior quality. The venue has been conceived like an arena to permit top quality sound. All the details have been though with a view to creating a space in which people can appreciate techno culture and in which DJs can ply their trade in the most profitable surroundings. Multiple floors, platinum tables, four bars and a huge gallery space, everything about the layout of Area Venice is impressive as it was created by a team of architects, designers and DJs. (Gianni Coletti, Fabrizio Gucciardi, Joe T Vannelli) If you wish to find out about or are already up to your eyeballs in electro lifestyle, it is imperative that you visit Area Venice. You can eat here but make a reservation. Private parking is available.


Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 22:30 until 04:00. Free Entry. Drinks between €5 - €7

Address : via don Tosatto 9/11 Centro direzionale Terraglio uno 30013 Venice Italy

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