Ara Pacis museum - Roma

When the victorious Emperor Augustus came back from the Iberic peninsula and Gaul in 13 B.C., the Senate decided the construction of an altar dedicated to peace. The altar was inaugurated on the 30 of January in 13 B.C, day of his spouse Livia Drusilla's birthday, on the military esplanade, Field of Mars, a place already related to war where soldiers were trained and monuments dedicated to victories were ericted. From 1565, the pieces were found back and after all pieces were put together again near the Tiber river, Mussolini inaugurated it in 1938.

To see: the engravings depicting Rome's history, the procession representing Augustus and the members of the imperial family, the frescos decorated with spirals of vegetation, animals and allegories, the procession of the consecration of the monument.


From tuesday - sunday, 9.00-18.00
24 and 31 december, 9.00-13.00
Closed on Monday



Address : Lungotevere in Augusta Roma Italy

Phone : 390682059127

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