Admira Brenta Museum - Mira

The Admira Brenta Ecomuseum is the first experimental and interactive museum of that sort in Italy. It relates the relation between Man and Nature, everyday life and the environment's mutations through time, the relations between constructions and environment and so on. The museum is also an observatory for ecological matters occurring in the region englobing Venice and Padua. It does not display collections like in museums but instruments and scientific tools through which we can study the landscape's transformation, the laguna, vegetal and animal species, history, craftsmanship, artistic culture, theatre, etc.

Things to see: an articulated circuit divided into 7 areas, one of which is dedicated to temporary exhibitions.


10.30-12.30/15.00-17.30 tuesday, wednesday, thursday. Each first sunday of the month 10.00-12.30
closed monday, wednesday and saturday



Address : Via Don Minzoni 24/26 (VE) Mira Italy

Phone : +39 0414266723

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