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The Museum of the Acropolis, located behind the Parthenon on the Acropolis, was built between 1865 and 1874 and is the Greek Archaelogical Museum. It only contains works and monuments from the Acropolis and the excavations made since the XIXth century. Unfortunately, it contains only the remains left behind by Lord Elgin because the outstanding pieces are now in the British Museum. However, the museum is to be closed and be replaced by the « New Museum of the Acropolis », currently under construction. Originally, the museum was to be finished before the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens. By the way, the construction was one of the arguments used by the Greek authorities for the return of Lord Elgin's marbles but Great-Britain had always refused. The disagreement and the polemic about the marbles delayed the construction and the date of opening is still unknown.


11.30-18.30 monday
8.00-18.30 From tuesday - friday
8.00-14.00 week-end



Address : Sur le site de l'Acropole, juste derri Athens Greece

Phone : + 30 010 32 10 219

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