In the shadow of its tourism famous neighbor, the island of Djerba, southeast of Tunisia, Zarzis is also devoted to tourism, turning mainly on its coast: beautiful beaches, the water in the Mediterranean, a summer climate foolproof ... hotels and tourists too. resort, whose center is dominated minarets of the Grand Mosque, Zarzis also builds on the important activity of its port, both industrial and commercial. In these southern regions of Tunisia, the desert is not far off, allowing some dryland excursions, interspersed with large olive groves, another important production Zarzis. Zarzis town, several possibilities Zarzis is not the only tourist town that can offer its visitors many opportunities in terms of sites and tourist activities, but in his case, the contrasts are striking. Zarzis, this town in south-eastern Tunisia is in effect between the sea is the wilderness. Yet these two extremes have a common point: the sun. Your holiday in the city will be caressed by the sun, regardless of the activity of your choice, unless you went to take refuge in the shade of an olive grove. This kind of plant is indeed Zarsis reputation. Returning to possible activities, of course you can bask in the sun or from the desert to see mirages or just for the pleasure of discovering the doors of Africa across the border. Trips to Tataouine are among the key activities in this case. Sea side, the nearby island of Djerba has also contributed to the economic prosperity of Zarzis, which has become an ideal starting point for the island. Zarzis can also be c