Located ten kilometers from Menton, Ventimiglia (Ventimiglia) marks the first urban step once we have passed the border: the decoration of the center will also leave no doubt, we are in Italy! established between powerful reliefs on the edge of the Mediterranean, as part of Ventimiglia has style and charm. So welcome on the Italian Riviera! Discover Ventimiglia Ventimiglia is a city of the province of Imperia in Liguria in Italy and is located on the Franco-Italian border. Several spaces are seen as the Museum of Balzi Rossi, for example, which is an archaeological museum. There is also the Cathedral of the Assumption, which was built in the eleventh century. It is also a favorite destination for tourists along the French Riviera during the summer seasons. And throughout the year, the famous street Friday market takes place along the new city waterfront for shopping. Ventimiglia, the "frontier town" Ventimiglia is often called the Western Gate of the Italy 'or' city of the border is a city Italian 26 000. In summer, the population of the city increases due to the massive influx of tourists coming mainly from Piedmont, Lombardy and France. The city of Ventimiglia is famous for its climate, its pebble beaches, the quality of its historical sites, or its large weekly Friday market. p