Vincennes is a town of Val-de-Marne, located just outside Paris, near the Bois which it gave its name. Its creation and development back to the XII th century and are closely linked to the history of the Chateau. The urban landscape of the city reflects its evolving including the acceleration of urbanization, a phenomenon characteristic common around Paris from the middle of the 19 th century. With its historical identity and a privileged geographical location, Vincennes is full of attractions. It offers its inhabitants an undeniable quality of life thanks to its many shops, its dynamic associational activity, its transport network and dense public facilities. But Vincennes, it's also a very rich heritage. .. The city and its surroundings offer many tourist attractions: the Chateau of Bois de Vincennes through the architectural treasures of the seven districts of the city. The Departmental Tourism Committee and the Board of Architecture, of Urbanism and Environment of the Val-de-Marne, in partnership with the City of Vincennes have implemented free download audio tours. An architectural promenade embellished with interviews and a set of entertaining and educational multimedia designed to track families take you to discover the monuments, the city center and the architectural heritage