Island south of Venice, Lido spanning more than ten kilometers, was intended to protect the city from the Adriatic collision course. Nowadays, you can taste a parenthesis of the most luxurious in its famous seaside resorts. Among prestigious hotels, fancy restaurants, casinos high rollers and the most famous discos, Lido exudes luxury and meets the needs of a clientele in search of comfort. Besides, you will be dazzled by the sumptuous villas and buildings of the island. Everything is shiny and flamboyant at the Lido, and you get a tidy sum for a real shopping! In late summer, do not miss the Mostra d'Arte Cinematografica, or the Lido film festival, taking place in cinema palace for a period of two weeks. Before packing, visit the baroque church of San Nicolo through the famous porto di Lido and walk through the cemetery where Jews venereal Goethe often went into contemplation. The island of the romantic city is the perfect place to entertain you "in love" More at: http: //